Handy Point Plus Tungsten Grinder

The elite handheld grinding machine for tungsten electrodes

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The Handy Point Plus is a portable Tungsten grinder, that is both environmentally friendly and has the ability to grind repeatable quality points on Tungsten electrodes for TIG and plasma welding.

The Handy Point Plus is equipped with an integrated, replaceable dust filter, protecting the operator and the environment against the potentially harmful dust produced during electrode grinding.

Thanks to its unique electrode holder, the Handy Point Plus is able to grind electrodes as short as 15mm with a standard electrode clamp. Using the special electrode clamp, tungsten electrodes as short as 8mm can be ground. The use of the electrode holder also ensures a precise, centred and repeatable tip. The Handy Point Plus is equipped with an inspection cover enabling the operator to see the grinding operation.

How it works

The Handy Point Plus is easy to operate, set the required grinding angle, secure the electrode into the holder using the locking device. The electrode is now set so as to minimise the amount of grinding required (0.3mm removal).

The Handy Point Plus is equipped with an eccentric plate, which makes it possible to adjust the grinding position on the face of the wheel, tripling the life of the diamond wheel.

The Handy Point Plus is supplied in a case ready to go, electrode clamps for 1.6, 2.4 and 3.2 diameter tungstens are included (other sizes are available). The Handy Point Plus is CE marked and is manufactured to meet all EU directives.

  • Integrated exhaustion with a replaceable dust filter
  • Triple use of the diamond wheel
  • Easy to use, combined electrode positioning and locking devise
  • Grinding electrode as short as 8mm
  • Durable storage case and lightweight make the Handy Point Plus  ideal for working on site
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